The treehouse

A boy lived in a treehouse.

His friends were the little animals that lived in the woods all around him.

Rabbits, squirrels, and little birds.

His treehouse was on a large oak tree not too far from the sea.

Sometimes he would go to seaside to eat his meals and the seagulls would come by to sit by him. They never took his food.

One day as he was walking towards the beach, he saw a person. A man, older, greyer.

He had never seen another person before.

The man looked at him and he looked at the man.

‘Who are you? I was told this island was deserted, how did you come to be here?’

‘I just am,’ replied the boy, ‘I have always been.’

The man stared.

‘I come from the village on the other side of the sea. We are a small community and we have never known anyone to live here. Where exactly do you live?’

‘I live on a tree a few paces from here, I have never seen another like me before either!’

The man stared at the boy. The boy stared at the man.

‘But how do you come to be here?’ The man asked again in confusion.

‘I am, I have always been.’ the boy replied simply.

‘What do you eat?’

‘Wild berries, fruits and other things.’

Where is your family?’

‘I am, there is just me.’ responded the boy.

‘Would you like to come with me, and meet the other people in the village?

‘I am home.’

‘Good luck, dear boy.’

‘Good luck.’ replied the boy.

As he watched the man walk away, the squirrels, birds, and other creatures watched along with him.

The man returned the next day with some other people from the village. But they couldn’t find the boy.

He was never seen again.

The End

Published by sephsmelody

Stories I have made up for my son at bedtime have found a home.

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