Stories with Osh (part 2)

I find inspiration for the stories I tell the kids from the things around me or the events of the day.

Instead of a new story today I wanted to share the inspiration behind some of the stories.

The frog and the fly‘ was probably a inspired by Osh’s lifecycle of a fly homework. He had laminated sheets with details of the lifecycle of amphibians which he’d brought home from school. At bedtime when he asked for a story, I just began and my favourite story on the blog just tumbled out.

‘Anna and the crayons’ was inspired by all the colouring the kids engaged in during lockdown. So much art in the house and I had to do all that clean up every day. I guess I was subconsciously wondering if there wasn’t something else less messy they could be doing.

‘The little compact digger‘ is probably one of the first stories I made up during that period. It isn’t one of the most imaginative, perhaps because it stemmed from those little books they make for children listing different kinds of machines. I am still not sure why children find those fascinating.

‘Ryan’s Rocket’ was mostly me trying to preach. Osh was six or seven at the time and sometimes had a stubborn streak and wouldn’t listen or do as he was told. I guess that is why that story isn’t much fun. No one likes to be preached at. ha ha ha.

Carrots mess’ is about sharing, and siblings sometimes have trouble sharing so I probably told that to encourage them both to share.

The treehouse‘ is cryptic, I think I was being forced to tell a story one night and I couldn’t draw inspiration from anything around me that day and so I just let a story come through as it would. It is still one of my favourite stories on the blog.

The final published story on the blog is ‘The crab and the crocodile’. I think that was drawn from school work as well. The kids were learning about animals and we had discussed crocodiles during the day. I actually had to do some research for that particular story to check if it was realistic for crabs to irritate a crocodile’s underbelly.

And that is it. That is a wrap on stories with Osh part 2.

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Stories I have made up for my son at bedtime have found a home.

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