Stories with Osh

Oshokha (Osh) is my 7-year-old son. I have been telling him stories since he was born. Sometimes reading to him and at other times making up stories. Recently he started hounding me to write down these made-up stories and publish my first book ‘in the next five years!’ This blog is the start of that journey. We’ll see if I make it to the five-year milestone or if I get to publish before then.

During lockdown (Covid-19 related) it’s been me, him and his 2-year-old sister and we have had lots of fun making stuff like the guitar below, lots of cardboard arts and crafts which we have enjoyed. As expected we have also had lots of arguments over brushing his teeth or bath time, screen time, homeschooling and so on.

A quick update – although Osh did some illustrations for the stories, I have had some more done and these will replace the previous ones. Osh’s illustrations were great and I am super proud of him.

I hope you enjoy our stories as much as we have.

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Stories I have made up for my son at bedtime have found a home.

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